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Daily Practice of Abundance

Three Steps

1. Ritual ~ Meditation, Mantra & Visualizations
2. Journaling
3. Action


Who is Lakshmi?

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. She teaches us that by setting our goals and aiming the arrows of our attention and actions in the direction of our dreams we will receive both spiritual fulfillment and worldly success.

Lakshmi has good intentions and so do you. She helps us realize happiness and create happiness. She helps us see that nobody is holding us back except ourselves. She opens the door for us to do the good work of exploring and then removing our financial blocks. She is the goddess of beauty, love, positive opportunities and illuminated light.


Why do the Lakshmi Ritual?

We will engage in the daily process of filling our minds with positive affirmations and releasing negative ones. By shedding light on what is holding us back, we can eventually perform our actions in a cleaner and more confident manner. Releasing our self-sabotaging baggage works on an unconscious level, so the results may not be immediate, but will create powerful, long-lasting change.

Like any natural medicine, for best results, it is better to practice often in small doses instead of trying to do too much and giving up.


Setting the stage

Search for illustrations of Lakshmi on the Internet and print out one that you like. Notice the symbols in the picture and how you interpret their meaning. Take a few minutes and write out your initial impressions. Why the elephants? Why the lotus? Why does she have one hand up and one hand down?

Print out the mantras.

Apply Wild Orange or Frankincense onto your solar plexus and on your back. You can also inhale it and put it in your diffuser for a more immediate effect.

Have a journal near by

Sit in a meditative posture: legs crossed, back strait.


Mediation, Mantra, Visualization

Say each mantra out loud first and then close your eyes and repeat it silently or out loud to yourself.

For each one create an image in your head of what this statement looks like in your own life.

If a certain statement is not resonating or is triggering you, make a quick note of that in your journal and move on.

For now, engage in the process of articulating the mantras, visualizing the results and observing your reactions.

I am motivated by love and empowerment.

I know that I am enough and that I am good enough.

I am able to see possibilities and dream big.

I stay focused on solutions and have the ability to think flexibly.

I love what I do and I do what I love without struggle.

I make decisions by considering where I want to be to move forward.

I am responsible for creating the life I want.

I create my own financial success through planning, action and commitment.

I play the money game to win. My intention is to create wealth and abundance.

I admire and model abundant, successful people.

I believe money is important, money is freedom and money makes life more enjoyable.

I get rich doing what I love.

I add value to other people’s lives and I deserve the abundance which that brings.

I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver.

I am truly grateful for all the money I have now.

Lucrative opportunities come my way.

My capacity to earn, hold and grow money expands day-by-day.

I am excellent at managing my money.

At the end of the mantras, keep your eyes open. Take in the image of Lakshmi and make note of the symbols in the illustration that have meaning for you and if you notice anything different.

Below are some qualities of Lakshmi. For each of the qualities, see it in her image and then close your eyes and see it in yourself. Create a quick snap shot in your mind of yourself experiencing peace, contentment, grace, etc.

commitment and follow through
ownership of your gifts, talents and positive attributes
wealth consciousness

Through this process of deification, we are connecting to Lakshmi, and starting to place her inside of ourselves.



Set a timer for 10 minutes. It is better to create boundaries around this work instead of getting lost and writing on and on for hours. Knowing that we have a limited amount of time will force us to tap into our subconscious (our first thoughts) and prevent self-censoring.

Of the statement and visualizations you made today, what felt the most real and powerful? What brought you the most joy to imagine?

Of the statements that you wrote down that are not resonating, describe where you feel the resistance in your body.

Briefly write down the story that is attached to the resistance. The first one that comes to your head. There are likely many. These are stories living inside of you that must be articulated and then released. You will not reinforce them by telling them. You will shed light on them and then burn through them, just like the sun destroys weeds that get no water.

Reread the story. Put an x through it. At the bottom write something to the effect of, “This is only a story and I’m letting it go to make room for new possibilities. I have the choice to cling to this or let it go. It will no longer live in my shadow. The sun burns through it.” Create your own version of this statement.



Quickly write down 1 – 3 things you can accomplish in 10 – 30 minutes, which will have a swift, monetary return. Do not move into paralysis by analysis. This is the opposite of big picture. No life’s planning! We are focused here on the lowest and ripest hanging fruit. If many things flood your head, write them down and pick your top one or two that have the largest return for the least amount of effort. This is not a short cut; it is getting you to acknowledge what is right on the table in front of you.

Creating a business plan or life’s plan is for another time, and I look forward to working with you on these things. But, the idea here is to begin to train your mind to move past hesitation and avoidance. Avoidance and scarcity are best friends. So are action and abundance. Think quickly, act quickly, and aim for the highest return for your efforts. This mode of quick, forward momentum will help you dance towards the edge of your comfort zone.


Return a call to the wellness center owner who expressed an interest in hiring you to teach some established, well-paying classes she has coming up this month.

Send out an email to your list about the special class you are offering next month.

Call the credit card company to reduce your interest rate.

Send an invoice for a recent service you provided.

Create a short, simple, customized video for a potential customer that you cannot pin down for a meeting. Send them the link.

Scan your closet for something you no longer use but could easily sell.

This could also include actions that will help you not spend money that day:

Make an appointment to collect on a trade.

Create a nourishing meal using only the ingredients you have in the fridge and the cupboard.

Now, perform the action and cross it off the list.

You are done your Lakshmi ritual for the day! Nice work!


Integrating the Ritual

Schedule time for this meditation, journaling and action everyday. Keep it contained and within an hour all-together. It is better to do something everyday, then nothing at all. If you only have a few minutes, read through the mantras and complete one lucrative action item.

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